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The Medical Park private health care group has clinics internationally to cater to the needs of clients from multiple countries and to medical tourists. We have clinics located in the UK on London’s famous Harley Street, in Montreux,Switzerland, on the US’s Las Vegas Strip and in Chennai, Southern India. Our Chennai clinic represents the first opportunity to bring cosmetic enhancement and rejuvenation to inhabitants of India, as well as giving travellers the chance to enjoy this diverse cultural and economic centre.

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You are in safe hands with The Medical Park because we are highly qualified scientists and doctors, dedicated to provide cosmetic procedures in clean, hygienic hospitals with the latest medical equipment. All our staff have 15 to 25 years’ of experience in performing cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical anti-aging procedures.

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Age management additionally prevents and reverses aging related symptoms / diseases / health conditions by treating the underlying risk factors and not just the symptoms.

Regenerative medicine is the branch of medicine that develops methods to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissues.

Rehabilitation medicine is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation management of people with disabling medical conditions.

Scar Management is the process of healing your scar with various types of treatments. You can avail the best scar treatments from Medical Park.

Cosmetic dentistry is a method of professional oral care that focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth and smile.

Cosmetic Surgery is an art and a science. The success of cosmetic procedures depends primarily on the skill, expertise, experience and artistic vision of the doctor/surgeon.