Regenerative Dentistry

A Complete Transformation For The Better

Regenerative Dentistry

The mouth offers every human with a lot of benefits with its remarkable mechanical properties. However, it is very susceptible to distressing damages, congenital malformation, and even microbial attacks. Since proper dentition of a human mouth is important for several tasks throughout a day, more promising strategies to reestablish functionality in case of a mishap are crucial. The restoration methods used prior to this were short-lived as they had limited functionality. This further encouraged the scientist to take advantage of medical advances and come up solutions they coined as ‘regenerative dentistry.' It uses innovations in molecular and cellular biology, stem cell research, and even tissue engineering.

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Bone Augmentation

Stem cells and derived products have enormous potential for new medical treatments. Stem cells are the body's raw material. From them all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Under the right conditions in the body or in a laboratory, the stem cells divide to form more cells called daughter cells. The modern research on regenerative stem cells has achieved splendid success in Bone Augmentation process. With this process one can understand of how diseases occur. By observing the maturation of stem cells to form cells in the bones and other organs and tissues.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided tissue generation has been one of the greatest innovations in the dental field. In this surgical procedure, barrier membranes are used to direct the growth of gingival tissue and also new bones in sites that lack in volumes or dimensions of gingiva or bone. This further encourages in proper functioning, prosthetic restoration and also aesthetics of the jaw. This procedure is very important for the proper maintenance of gum health. Not only is it more efficient as a procedure, but with lesser recovery time, this process has quickly become the best option for the above-mentioned complications.

Dental Pulp Regeneration

Dental pulp is a very crucial tissue which stays protected inside tooth dentin. However, when this tissue dies or gets destroyed, the patient can experience a great deal of suffering and pain. Yet, with new researches and discoveries, dentists have found a way to tackle this. Regenerative endodontic is a process used in the dental industry to replace or improve the life quality of the inflamed necrotic pulp tissues with regenerated pulp-like tissues. Although this process is not as popular in the industry yet, given the benefits and ease it offers, it is undoubtedly one of the best options if you are suffering from any such complication.

PRP for dental

With the advent in technology and research, several new procedures have been introduced in the dental field to maintain dental health. Platelet-richplasma, more commonly known as PRP, is one such promising procedure. This approach uses tissue regeneration to speed up the healing process of dental and other oral surgeries. Predominantly used for aging patients, it is derived from the centrifugation of the patient's blood. Using the growth factors that further promote wound healing; this process has a significant role to play in tissue repairing mechanisms. This process has had a great influence in the dental industry for the several benefits that it offers.

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