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We always want to put flawless pictures of ourselves on our social media. In the world of Kardashians and Jenner surgery is nothing new. The people are now very invested and interested in cosmetic surgery. But of course, not many people are comfortable with putting a knife on their skin. So there is now rising in all the procedures that do not require such a knife. A nonsurgical facelift is, therefore, the best option for you. If you want to avail Nonsurgical face life, then ours is the company you should collaborate with. We include in our nonsurgical face lift quite a many treatment and procedures that aims at addressing all the side effects of aging. As you get older, you start to lose volume in our faces, especially in the cheeks, lips, temples, around the eyes and mouth.

What we are doing here is we reverse the production of shadows, restore reflections of light giving you a youthful glowing and vibrant appearance. Two different types of fillers can be used, which are gel and fat. We use only gel fillers because it is the only nonsurgical. We use these nonsurgical fillers in several places such as nasal labial folds as well, to the corner of your mouth extending to the marionette lines. We also sometimes inject fillers in the jawline area to make your face look more cuter and gives a perfect shape usually around the cheek area. We often use Botox in the forehead area in case of nonsurgical facelifts. There are also some three other types of therapy that we tend to apply for the betterment of skin, which is Ultheraphy, ThermiTight, and Thermage. These are also ultrasound energy, radio frequency energy which is used to tighten the skin below the surface.

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Dynamic wrinkles are expression lines usually seen on the forehead, around the eyes, nose and mouth, and on the chin and neck. All these can be effectively treated with Botox. A facial aesthetic surgeon has the advantage of having seen the muscles inside and out and can achieve the best results.Long term Botox treatment has been noted to increase the quality of skin and reduce the tethering and visibility of scars.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing is a procedure used to improve skin quality in the case of sun damage, acne scarring, static wrinkles, discolouration and ageing spots. The laser ablates the upper layers of the skin by vaporizing the damaged layers and allowing healthier cells underneath to regenerate. Lasers penetrate deeply into the skin and promote the re-organisation of collagen, which helps diminish wrinkles and improve skin tone.


Soft tissue depletion can give an older and aged look. In most cases, fillers alone can give a significant rejuvenation to a tired looking face. Fillers can be used to reduce wrinkles and folds (smile fold; marionette lines; lip lines) and provide volume enhancement (thin lips; tear trough; hollow cheek; receding chin; droopy brow; flat nose).Fillers are derived from natural sources (Hyaluronic Acid), synthetic sources (chemicals), ground substances (animal collagen), or own fat tissue transfer (live cells). There are various products available in the market but the most commonly used are Hyaluronic Acid fillers and fat fill.Fillers have the advantage of having no down time and minimal pain.

Acne Treatment

Having proper skin is the best thing, and you will look fresh when you have a proper skin. Acne is the growth of unwanted oil buildups on the skin pores. Blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pimples, and nodules are various types of acne. When the sebaceous glands get activated, the acne occurs on the skin. The most common place for acne is the face; however, they can appear on the chest and back as well. These are not dangerous, but then again they can leave marks on the skin. Treatment can be done on the acne, and you can avoid it as well. From Medical Park, you will get robust Acne Treatment. It will ensure that you will be able to have better skin without problems of acne.

Mole Removal

Moles are present at birth, or occur due to a few external factors. They are usually removed for cosmetic purposes or prevention of cancer, by one of the following methods:Excision and suture, Shaving with blade, Cauterization, Laser ablation.

Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are veins in the skin that look like dark lines. These dark lines circle around the legs or the face. They are relatively harmless but as they are easy to spot, they can be embarrassing for those who have it. This is where our Spider Vein treatment procedure comes to the fore. We at the Medical Park are also equipped with laser therapy. It is a non-surgical procedure and hence you do not have to worry. Our laser services are able to treat any area of the body or skin. Discuss your needs with our physician. Pre-book your appointment session and avail a free consultation session with us. As it is a non-surgical procedure, you can get back to your normal life just after the treatment process.


Facials are important to have a better cleanup of the face. You can avail amazing facial treatment from the domain of Medical Park. This helps you prevent aging, and it also promotes the circulation of the blood to the face. The skin on the face is detoxified with the help of our services. The skin pores are cleaned up and made fresher through the facials. We have professionals who have rich experience and use their expertise to offer amazing services to the clientele. This is a beneficial service that can help you to prevent wrinkles as well. It will also treat your acne marks and rejuvenate the skin. You can also avail exfoliation of your skin and open up the pores on your skin as well.

Ultrasound Therapy

The ultrasound therapy at the Medical Park is a non-invasive procedure that has transformed the lives of a majority of our patients. Our ultrasound therapy tightens the neck, chin and brow, which improves the lines and wrinkles on the chest. Our ultrasound therapy utilizes advanced technological measures to help you achieve a fresher look from your brow to your chest. Our ultrasound therapy is equipped with collagen-boosting properties. This assist our experts to see the layers of the tissue which they are treating. This also enables our practitioners to make sure that the energy is delivered to where it would be most effective.

Tattoo Removal

People may want to get rid of their tattoos for several reasons. The laser tattoo removal procedures of modern times make it easy for you to get rid of tattoos entirely without any harmful side effects. We at Medical Park offer you great services to remove your tattoos. The prices of the tattoo removing process are reasonable at our domain. We ensure the proper removal of the tattoo is assured to our clients, and the process might take more than a couple sittings depending on their melanin content. There is a different way of how your skin might react to the treatment. Our professionals know the process very well and can advise you with the correct Tattoo Removal guidance.

Chemical Peels

Peels achieve skin rejuvenation by removing the layer of dead cells and stimulating the underlying cells to rejuvenate with better quality ones. The skin can be divided into 3 main layers, namely the epidermis, the mid dermis and the deep dermis.

What Can Peels Achieve?

  • Improve skin texture, quality, circulation, hydration and appearance of skin
  • Reduce fine static lines
  • Smoothen skin and improve firmness
  • Create radiant, vibrant skin
  • Restore even color tone
  • Reduce the occurrence of acne and acne scarring
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