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Laser Dentistry

Medical Park is specialised in offering best laser dentistry services for their clients. The team of dentists have wide knowledge in the dental field and they have the capability to understand the requirement and treat in the best way. Laser Dentistry is considered to be the safe and effective treatment for various dental procedures.

If you think you have dental issues or looking for laser dentistry, then consult with our experienced dental surgeons and avail solutions at an ease.

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Gum Depigmentation

Due to the excess amount of melanin or inappropriate concentration in pigmentation, the gums can become darker or even black. If your gums appear dark or black, it may be due to heredity, certain medications or diseases, or an advanced form of periodontal disease or gingivitis. Smoking, certain drugs such as minocycline, tricyclic antidepressants or anti-malarial agents or crowns or amalgam restorations also may cause discoloration of the gums. Being a part of the cosmetic dentistry, gum depigmentation is the process to bring back your beautiful smile. It is simply the process of gum bleaching or, whitening by eliminating the melanin amount.


Some people are embarrassed or uncomfortable when they smile because their gums appear too much. But in fact, this is a problem that has correction. Despite being a surgical procedure, Gingivectomy is still a simple procedure with local anaesthesia and soft tissue laser. It also requires a series of post-operative care. The Gingivectomy is a surgery to correct the excess gum of a patient. However, this process is only recommended for the patients who have the so-called gummy smile which often causes problems with smiling elegantly that may be caused due to prolong use of braces, short lips, delayed tooth eruption, over growth of gums (due to medication like amlodipine, phenytoin).

Teeth Whitening

Each and every day you look in the mirror, you wish that you had absolute bright and white teeth like the celebrities you see in magazines. Although it may be easy, it can be very tough to maintain our everyday practices. Tooth whitening is an efficient way of getting rid of this yellow tinge and getting back the original shade of teeth. This not only improves your appearance but also ensures that you are more presentable. However, you should definitely make an appointment with your dentist before availing such as they can guide you through the whole process of teeth whitening.

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