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Dental Implant

Dental Implant is done to rearrange the teeth perfectly. In this process the dentist surgically arrange a metal frame into the gum along with the jawline. After arranging the metal frame the dentist places the teeth onto the frame. As the implant is placed on the jawbone they provide a strong support to the artificial teeth. In order to bolster the teeth the dentures and bridges are installed so that the implant does not slip. In order to ensure the security crown is mounted over every implant it not only secures the implant but also makes it feel natural. Medical Park provides the best implant to improve your smile line. You will get to avail the facility at an affordable price. We have experienced dentist who will help you to go through the process. Our dentists will help you to understand the process so that you do not feel uncomfortable. They know that it is very essential to make the patients acclimatize with the environment. According to our expert dentists, the advantage of the implant is that it does not require uprooting other teeth to place the implant.

In order to implant the teeth you need to have a healthy gum and healthy. A healthy gum and teeth will help to provide adequate support the implant. With the support the implant cannot hold the arrangement. After the implant is done you need to take care of your teeth and gum. You need to maintain an oral hygiene religiously. You need to see the dentist after a regular interval in order to maintain the implant for a long time. There is different types of implant, our clinic is proficient in every type and offer the best treatment according to the patient’s need.

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