Hair Loss Treatment

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Availing hair surgery has become a common thing lately. People want beautiful hair, and they want to have a thick growth of hair on their head. For this, many people opt for Surgical Hair. At Medical Park, you will be able to get the best hair transplant treatments at a cheap rate. We ensure that you have the best of the hairs and that you are satisfied with our services. You can get beautiful long hairs or short and amazing hair as well. You can avail our services when you are having a thinning of hair mass or even when you are going bald. This will help you to recover back to full hair growth. This is the process in which we transplant the hair that you already have to another area where the hair growth is thin and weak. We have a meticulous process in which the surgeon removes a part of your scalp with proper hair growth and then sews it back together. Then the scalp is divided into tiny parts, and this is then grafted onto your scalp where the hair density is low.

You will be able to go back to work in about two to five days after the surgery. The transplanted hair falls out after almost five weeks. However, there is new hair growth in that area. In about six to nine month, you will be able to see a hair growth of almost sixty percent. We have an array of expert professionals who ensure that you have a proper service delivered to you. We focus on customer satisfaction, and thus we make sure that your needs and requirements are heeded attention to. Our team of expert professionals helps you to have proper hair density. Availing our services ensure that you have proper hair growth once again and that you are satisfied with the services.

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Hair Transplant

Opting for Hair Transplant has already become a common thing in this space-aged world. After all, everyone wants to have beautiful hair, regardless of whether you’re a guy or a girl. At Medical Park, our primary motto is to offer the best treatment for the transplantation of hair. We bring the utmost inexpensive treatments for you. Availing our services would ensure getting the best treatment for hair transplant surgery. So, regardless of your gender, you can contact our expert professional team in order to avail our services at an affordable rate. But remember, if you’re going hair transplant surgery, you have to wait for a total of nine months to see the change! So, get connected with our team, contact us!

Hair Growth

Hair growth using surgical procedures are increasingly gaining impetus among individuals. Among a handful of medical organizations to perform hair growth techniques, Medical Park has expert surgeons and doctors who can facilitate hair growth holistically. Our surgical hair growth methods are in compliance with the norms laid down by reputed Medical Councils. We at Medical Park believe that unlike organ transplants, you will be your own donor for a hair transplant. When you compare us to other hair transplant institutes, you would easily spot the difference. Our competitors still require a donor who can give his or her scalp hair to you.

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