Face Lift Surgery

Lift your confidence along with your face. What are the results of this treatment?


The cosmetic surgery continues growing fame and popularity with almost 15.1 million processes. The cosmetic processes are accessible for any part of your body and that is why the choice of dealing with a good surgeon and a good medical organization is needed. Our experts and experienced professionals at - The medical Park brings you the best kind of services with face surgery. Our entire cosmetic plastic surgery comprises of the surgical and nonsurgical processes that enhance and also reshape the structure of your body to expand appearance and confidence. A facelift, or Rhytidectomy, is one of the popular surgical processes to recover the visible signs of aging in the neck and face like:

  • Ultimate relaxation of your skin cause sagging
  • Excavating of the fold lines between the mouth and nose
  • The Jowls emerging in jaw and cheeks
  • Fat that has fallen or has disappeared

Services that we offer

Our experienced professionals also help the patients to make a reliable and good facelift surgery. Other processes, which may be performed in conjunction along with the facelift, are brow lift as well as eyelid surgery to revitalize aging eyes. Fat transfer or even the fillers might be suggested to replace the lost fatty volume. Our doctors also come up with all the advanced treatments like peels or laser, dermabrasion might be offered in enhancing the texture and quality of the skin.

Facial Implants

Our doctors offer you the processes of facial implants, which are special, formed the solid materials compatible with tissues, and designed to increase the entire physical structure of the face. In addition to that, the medical Park has a team of experienced surgeons, with the well-known best in latest technology just to come up with effective yet slightly invasive cosmetic reconstruction methods

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Cheek Augmentation

A lot of people out there opt for the best cheek augmentation process and that is why they deal with the great medical clinic and doctors. The goal of cheek augmentation is to mainly add volume or even lift to the cheeks. Some of the people out there are bothered by their cheeks losing volume, or even sagging, with age. We at, The Medical Park, come up with the excellent surgeries. Cheek implants are the permanent solution to cheeks, which have gone flat with age or are hollowed. All of our surgeons are quite expert and they also have experience in cheek augmentation as well. We also come up with the absolutely new and latest surgical process.

Chin Augmentation

If you are not satisfied with the way your face looks, and you want to change it, then chin augmentation is your best option. A chin augmentation refers to improving the contour of your bones near your chin and that is possible by implanting an outside element near the bone of the chin and well below the skin. Through this process we guarantee you the restoration of the look of your face. We work towards the goal of developing your chin or giving your chin more prominence in your face as per your requirement. The method we follow for this will not hurt much, but since there needs to be done a little stitching, so the area might remain swelled up for a few days.

Endoscopic Brow & Midface Lift

Your brow and forehead is a very important factor on how you look. It is necessary for your brows and foreheads to remain in symmetry. These are the places where the first signs of ageing are generally found. So if you want to achieve a natural rejuvenation of your face then this is your best option. Our methods will leave minimum scar. There is also less risk of hair loss and you will also not face any numbness or itchiness in your scalp. We also tend to perform a mid face lift through the same minimal incisions. With the endoscopic brow lift you can improve your brow position and with the help of a facial lift your face will look more defined.

Face Lift

The best way to perfect the sagging face is Face Lift. It falls under the cosmetic surgery. When people age their skin and muscle lose elasticity and they tend to sag. To get a youthful appearance people opt for this cosmetic surgery. Mostly, this surgery is done to reshape the lower portion of the face. It tightens the skin and also removes the excess skin in the process of tightening the skin around the jaw line. Apart from that the surgery is done to remove the wrinkles from around the mouth, removes the fat from the chin and neck. If anyone has double chain then opting for the facial lift will help to get rid of aging. You will get the facility at Medical Park at an affordable price.

Laser Blepharoplasty

People with hooded eyelid go for the Laser Blepharoplasty. People go under the surgery to make space in the eyelid. It helps to look the eye bigger. It is not only used for removing the hood from the eyelid it also removes the eye bags form under the eye. The eye bags are the result of aging and in order to look young you can opt for the surgery to reduce the puffiness from the eyes. If you go through the surgery it will enhance your look and make your eyes look beautiful. The Medical Park offers cosmetic surgery to the people at an affordable price. After the surgery is done you need to take care of your skin and to do that we have dermatologists who guide the patients.

Neck Rejuvenation

Suffering from hanging or loose skin right on your neck or jaw area? Worry no more! We, at Medical Park, have an efficient team of professionals who aim at providing you with the best treatment for Neck Rejuvenation. Our treatments would only ensure smoother skin and youthfulness. We make the best use of the RF energy which is used for heating the skin’s inner layer in order to tighten up the sagged skins. Our process is relatively painless and quick. However, it is completed within a total of one or two hours by using the local anesthesia. This happens to be less risky than other similar cosmetic procedures. With our treatments, patients would see improvements more evidently without any disruption to their respective routines.

Otoplasty (ear Correction)

Ears that are too prominent or “stick out” too far from the head can be the cause of psychological distress. In most cases protruding ears are a result of psychological distress. In most cases, protruding ears are a result of heredity or a congenital condition. Many female patients have described one of the main advantages of Otoplasty as, at last allowing them the freedom to wear their hair at any length.Otoplasty is an external ear surgery carried out to reposition protruding ears closer to the head thus reducing the angle between the ear and skull. The goal of the Otoplasty surgery is to produce well positioned, natural- looking ears wit no obvious signs that surgery has been performed.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction)

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face. Its size and shape are some of the most defining characteristics of the face. The common reasons to have Rhinoplasty are to augment/reduce the size, to improve the shape, to repair damage caused by injury so that it complements the face better or to improve breathing. The ideal nose varies from face-toface depending on the skin type, ethnic background, age and other variables. “No one shape/ size nose is perfect for every face”. At the consultation, simulation of the expect result will be shown on the computer to ensure the highest level of communication and understanding between the patient and the surgeon.

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