Dr. Jeya Prakash

His mission is to help his patients age gracefully with his expertise in surgery.

Dr. Jeya Prakash

Dr. Jeya Prakash completed his FRCS (ED) IN 1987. He served in the NHS for fourteen years before setting up his own practice and has been performing aesthetic procedures since 1988. He keeps abreast of the latest developments and procedures in his field and is widely recognised as one of the efficient exponents of new techniques.

The ultimate goal of Dr. Jeya Prakash is to aid graceful ageing and this is borne out by his surgical and nonsurgical results, which are wonderfully natural looking. He believes in realistic expecta-tions and promises his patients a good improvement, but not unattainable perfection. He is known for his honesty and clarity of explanation when discussing what is achievable with clients, whilst always making them aware of the limitations of the treatment.

During his many years in his profession, Dr. Prakash, has helped a wide variety of both female and male clients to improve their appearance and lifestyle, based on his commitment to beauty and health inside and out. He has provided a complete transformation for a better life for many satis-fied clients by combining his skills as an aesthetic surgeon with his in-depth knowledge as an age management consultant.

He has appeared on a number of leading television channels like the BBC and Channel 4, and has also been featured in such publications as the Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and Vogue.

“Beauty and Health Inside Out : A Complete Transformation for the Better”

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