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Have you ever experienced something so strange, it was inexplicable beyond words? That’s how the patients at The Medical Park think about the surgical body contouring procedure. The surgical body contouring can alter your lives. With our surgical body contouring procedure, it increases your self-confidence. At the same time, it improves your professional and personal relationships.

The highlights of surgical body sculpting at the Medical Park

  • Removal of sagging skin and excess fat executed by highly skilled doctors having certifications in MS/MD
  • We are one of the foremost medical centers to use Pec implants for men so that they can continue pursuing their regular exercise regimens
  • We specialize in rhinoplasty so that our patients can have attractive nose
  • Our buttock augmentation therapy is one of the best in the industry as it involves minimal scarring
  • We ensure full body lift to our patients. It is a complicated surgery, but our highly skilled doctors are successful most of the times to achieve the best aesthetic results
  • In case you do not accomplish the upper arm toning properly, worry not! We have our specialized bicep implants for you to improve the appearance of the arms
  • We at Medical Park ensure that our patients have a quick recovery time
  • We also provide regular body care and correct posturing exercises

Many of our patients at the Medical Park have said that the decision to opt for surgical body contouring procedure had been one of the best things they have done in their life. So, isn't it high time that you do something good for yourself? It all commences with a phone call to the Medical Park. Or you can opt for filling out the request form to avail a free consultation session with us. The choice is yours!
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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty is a 3-dimensional sculpting procedure that helps to return the abdomen to an appealing shape and strengthen the associated muscles. This is often complemented with lipoplasty which provides an all-round improvement of the front and sides of the abdominal area.Substantial weight loss, muscle weakness following multiple pregnancies, single pregnancy with a large baby, or heredity can all contribute to loose and wrinkled abdominal skin, excess fat and split muscles (divarication of rectus muscle) in the abdomen.“Diet and exercise cannot remove the skin laxity or repair the split muscles.


Loose hanging skin and fat on flabby upper arms can cause embarrassment, especially when wearing sleeveless clothing or a swimsuit. Droppy upper arms are commonly caused by loose skin, often resulting from weight loss, ageing and localised excess fat.Brachioplasty, or an Arm Lift, is an upper arm reduction and re-shaping surgery. It removes excess lax skin and fat volume and reduces the circumference of the upper arm. In most classes, this is combined with liposuction to the area to achieve maximum results. This surgery requires an artistic eye to achieve a pleasing aesthetic line from the arm to the breast.

Buttock Augmentation/Buttock Lift

A shapely, rounded and firm errihre has long been a sing of attractiveness in both sexes, but particularly in women. Buttocks that are in proportion with the rest of the body create a balanced physique and enhance the fit of clothing. Buttock Augmentation is a procedure to improve the size and shape of the buttocks, either by means of fat transfer (for a minimal, temporary result) or buttock implants (giving a maximal , permanent result). A Buttock Lift is a surgery to improve sagging and reshape the buttock area. It aims to create a better, more rounded, shape by removing any redundant skin and adipose tissue that passes the buttock crease at the midline of the thigh.

Calf Augmentation

Calf augmentation is one of the excellent processes, which have been performed in enhancing a lower portion of the leg. In people along with the shrunken lower leg, as a result of disease or injury, an implant can be inserted in the calf to assist in minimizing the resultant deformity. The Medical Park offers the best surgery processes to the customers. All of the procedures were performed under our intravenous sedation with local anesthesia. All patients were just positioned supine or in a proper decubitus position only. No patients were also positioned prone as this approach is not only used during any kind of intravenous sedation in our practice.

Liposculpture & Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that targets and reduces unsightly fat bulges that do no respond to usual weight-loss methods. There are different types of Liposuction, namely standard (vacuum or syringe assisted), ultrasonic, laser assisted and power assisted. Depending on the type pf procedure, the number of areas being treated and the amount of fat to be removed. Liposculpture follows the concept of removing fat for the purpose of contouring the body and thereby giving a better shape. The areas that can be treated include the abdomen, outer hips, upper buttocks, loins and lower outer chest fold, thighs, inner knees,, upper arms, jowls, under chin, neck, calves and inner ankles.


A Thigh and Girdle Lift offers comprehensive correction of ski sagginess and soft tissue excess, along with wrinkles and folds, in the thigh, waist and hip areas. This usually occurs following massive weight loss, pregnancy, large liposuctions or advancing age with poor skin quality.A Thigh Lift is surgery to reduce the skin redundancy and adipose and thereby improve the contour and shape of the thighs, leaving the scar hidden along the creases. The procedure involves removing an amount of skin and fat on both sides symmetrically-initially horizontally and if necessary vertically also.

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